Ceruti Law Firm

Our Firm has been working in national and international debt recovery, with particular reference to cross-border debt collection between Italy and Switzerland, for over ten years; we have three operating offices (two in Switzerland, in Lugano and Chiasso, and one in Italy, in Lurate Caccivio, in the province of Como).

Having acquired an in-depth knowledge of the recognition and enforcement of Italian judgments (or Italian injunctions) in Switzerland and vice versa of Swissjudgments in Italy, as well as being able to operate internationally (both in Italy and in Switzerland), we can advise our clientsas to the best solution for the recovery of the credit due (determining whether to act directly in the Court of the debtor’s place of residence/establishment or, whennecessary, in another competent Court, then seeking the recognition and enforcement of the enforcement order already obtained in another State).


Our offices

Office in Chiasso

corso San Gottardo n. 32
6830 Chiasso

Tel. 0041 (0)91 630 68 76
Fax. 0041 (0)91 922 00 27

Office in Lugano

via G. Calgari n. 2
6900 Lugano

Tel. 0041 (0)91 630 68 76
Fax. 0041 (0)91 922 00 27

Office in Como

via Kennedy n. 8
22075 Lurate Caccivio (CO)

Tel. 0039 031 46 80 327
Fax. 0039 031 56 37 28

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